Monday, April 26, 2010

Ink Spread - Graphic Novel

As mentioned in the previous posts, im currently writing a graphic novel. I finally got around to scanning and piecing this spread together. I'm thinking the black and white ink look is much more successful than the coloured spread. It has a more 'hands-on' look. Im thinking of going in this direction when i'm ready to start illustrating the real thing.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Graphic Novel half Spread

Hi folks,

This is a snip of a spread for my graphic novel. It's done using pens, sharpies, inks and whiteout pens. Im not sure if i'll be colouring it at the moment. I think the best thing wouldbe to get the final drawings done and then if needed, add some colour to establish mood. this has been really good practice for my stroytelling through images.

My only beef with it at the moment is that my scanner picked up the bubbling of the paper. It adds a cool element to the pages, but i think i may need to spend some $$$ buying good quality watercolour paper.
Cheers for looking