Saturday, October 24, 2009

Russian gangster girl - Finished

Heres my final concept for the Russian gangster girl. Though there is still loads of room for improvement, i think it's a big step up from my other character development studies. Now to finish off the dude!


Simon Scales said...

Hey man..looking cool
A little tip...try to get your strokes broader when you are laying these greyscale values studies down. Less noodling and fussing - use the lasso tool and fill in some gradients if you need to. Especially in the faces and the hands - less lines and noodling - more broader strokes that define the faces and the planes of what you are trying to convey....hope that helps mate. Simon

Anthony Mckeown said...

Thanks for the advice Simon!
Hope all is going well. Your latest work is rocking!

I can totally see what you mean with applying broader strokes to convey the forms.
I feel the reason i havn't done that is because of my lack of understanding of structure.
After all my uni work is finished and handed in next week, i'll have the entire summer to study up on those fundamentals. :)