Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Study colour piece - WIP

Hi folks,

heres a colour study piece i'm working on. Its a rather flawed composition. The horizon line is centre, the guy in the foreground and the background are competing for attention, and the lightsource is becoming a bit confusing. BUT, the aim of this piece is to push it as far as i can, in terms of my colour mixing and lighting. Sometimes i find i'll probably learn more from proceeding with a flawed image, rather than scrapping it completely.

I've been keeping all of my sketchbooks since May 2008 (when i began learning to draw) and i decided to look through them for giggles. I'ts really encouraging looking back on old work and seeing how far you've come. Below are some images of all of my sketchbooks i've kept - 24 books ranging from A5-A3. And a pile of studies i've been doing since feb (about 150 A3 sheets worth). I'd post scans of how bad my work is, but it's embarrassing to look at :)

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